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The Anti-aging Secret That You Do Need To Know

I have been thinking a lot about collagen lately, and in particular anti aging. Have you noticed that as you age your focus expands from just your face and neck area to all over your body? Could be that you are beginning to notice more veins, softening skin and cellulite arriving on legs and arms! Then of course there are the eye wrinkles and bags that are starting to arrive so I am out buying the best anti aging skin care creams and heading into the salon for Bee Venom treatments and Bee Venom mask, which are the ultimate anti aging.

I often wish I knew what I know now in my twenties and thirties…I would have a firmer derriere and legs, and a lot less wrinkles as well. Like most people, I wanted to be brown and spent a lot of time trying to get a tan. In my day we put baby oil on to aid tanning. I am surprised I am not dying of skin cancer as I write this!  We even used to think that a tan protected us from the sun!  Of course this is not the case, a deep tan will give your skin the protection equivalent to 3 or 4 SPF but you will have caused significant cell and DNA damage that will show in later years a premature ageing and increased skin cancer risk. It is also the major cause of drooping, sagging bottoms and legs when you get to my age, (or much younger sometimes).

Fortunately there are some fantastic products on the market that help. Bee Venom masks are all the rage since Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall started using Bee Venom masks as part of her anti-aging routine and it got a mention in all the women’s magazines. The reason that this works so well is due to the slight agitating effect of the bee venom which in turn stimulates the collagen and elastin. The irony is that Bee Venom has been used in anti-aging products for centuries with documented evidence that the ancient Egyptians used Bee Venom on a daily basis.

Products with good usable quantities of Vitamin A also work, as Vitamin A increases cellular turnover. Vitamin C also stimulates collagen; again it has to be in high enough quantities to make a difference. AHAs and BHAs lightly exfoliate the skin to encourage the production of collagen and elastin. There are also LED light treatments and IPL photo-facials which when done regularly make a fantastic difference to the tone and texture of your skin. All of these options work really well but a possibly too expensive to use on your entire body. So how do we stimulate collagen all over?

Fortunately there are a couple of ways. Red light collagen beds are a quick and pleasant way to stimulate your collagen… all over. As the price of these machines come down more salons are getting them and I would highly recommend that you find a salon in your area and do a course of collagen red light treatments. You merely stand (or lie) in the bed (they look like a sun bed but with no UV light) for 15 -30 minutes and you can expect up to a 25% improvement in your skin tone and texture after 20-30 treatments. We are adding collagen to your entire face and body!

Skin needling, also called collagen induction therapy is another very effective technique. First developed for facial tissue they now come in larger versions so you can roll all over your body. It is vitally important that you use a skin care product with lots of active ingredients when you do this treatment, in particular with either Vitamin C or Vitamin A. There has been some discussion that dermal rollers work as well as IPL in stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Another method which is less time consuming and significantly cheaper is collagen tablets. More people are becoming aware of the numerous benefits of taking collagen orally. The research behind collagen tablets is amazing and my own personal experience is that they make a significant difference; I particularly notice if I haven’t taken them for a few days, my nails begin to split almost instantly and my skin seems to lose texture. The great thing about collagen in tablet form is that it helps your insides as well. All the arteries that go to your heart get hardened over years and studies have proven that taking collagen tablets actually helps prevent this from happening… look good and don’t have a heart attack…priceless!

Ideally you will choose a tablet that contains both collagen and keratin. This combination gives you the ultimate great skin combo. Collagen is a natural protein that provides our bodies with structural support. Twenty-five per cent of the dry protein weight of the human body is collagen —the fibrous, elastic, connective tissue in our bodies that holds us together. Seventy-five per cent of our skin is made up of collagen, providing texture, resiliency, and shape. Collagen also provides tensile properties to the skin so as to allow it to serve as a protective organ against external trauma. Keratin on the other hand is the component, which gives the skin strength and flexibility and serves to provide a waterproof barrier; Keratin is 2% of our skin tissue. As with collagen the older we get the less we regenerate Keratin and in turn less protection is afforded.

So whatever products or techniques you are using, the first question you need to ask yourself is “will this increase my collagen production?” if the answer is no then step away and go and find another option. Your derriere with thank you for it.

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