See why so many rich and famous people, including Royalty, are using bee venom masks, and see how you could meet your own handsome prince, using this little known incredible product.

Welcome to our Bee Venom Smoothing Mask website. We are the distributors of the most incredible anti-aging product on the market today. Our Bee Venom Smoothing Mask will not only help you to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles but it will also add instant firming which no other bee venom product on the market does.

We are a New Zealand based anti-aging cosmetics marketing company and we are lucky enough to be able to do joint ventures with cosmetic manufacturers to bring you fantastic anti-aging products that really work.

Our Bee Venom Smoothing Mask is our latest anti-aging product and we are very excited about it. Bee Venom is very popular for anti-ageing at the moment with the rich and famous turning to this centuries old ingredient to assist with fine line and pigment reduction. One of the reasons our customers get excited about our products is because they work… we use the latest ingredients (or in the case of bee venom, one of the oldest) and we use them in quantities that will actually work. Another exciting thing about our Bee Venom Smoothing Mask is that the base cream that we use is a fantastic firming product in its own right which, we have shooshed up to another level by adding the Bee Venom.

The cosmetics industry is full of smoke and mirrors with products that promise the earth but in fact are just full of what we call ‘fairy dust’; that is such small amounts of active ingredients that they couldn’t possibly work. You will be pleased to know, that is not us. All the products that we make and market are made to the highest standard and are tested in our own market before we go out to the world with them. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to be totally confident about your product, knowing for sure that our customers are going to love it.

What our customers are saying…

quoteup Thanks Helena – I just tried some Bee Venom Smoothing Mask on my hand and I can’t believe how it has smoothed the skin!! I have two other bee venom masksand neither have had the same effect! I am looking forward to seeing some results!



quoteup Just a quick note to say that the bee venom mask arrived yesterday. I have used it twice now and it does feel quite luxurious.



quoteup I love my Bee Venom mask, I’ve used it only twice and see a softer complexion looking back at me in the mirror. Love it!
P.S. do you have a great eye cream??



quoteup Love the product and skin is softer and maybe wrinkles not as bad.


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guaranteesignblue2For only $85US including P+P! 





Buy Bee Venom Smoothing Mask!

You are about to transform your skin. Movie stars and princesses use Bee Venom Masks in their beauty routine because they want the best and now you can have the best too. We are so excited about this new product. It is so special. The base firming cream will immediately firm up your skin, the 30% oils will smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and the bee venom will stimulate your skin into producing more collagen and elastin. This amazing mask can’t not work!

Our Bee Venom Smoothing Mask is made in New Zealand using an skin improving combination of ingredients to ensure that you are getting the best possible results. Our cosmetic chemist is one of the best in the world (we are actually being bashful here… ) and his formulations really make a difference. So when we use his products we are confident that our customers are going to be very very happy.

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